Visit Montserrat with lunch

Visit Montserrat with lunch

With the help of an audioguide*, a map and a tourist booklet, you can explore the most important aspects of the history of the monastery as well as the most significant areas of the Montserrat sanctuary. The four proposed routes take you to the Basilica, the Holy Cave, the Degotalls Way and the Via Crucis.


The new Montserrat Audiovisual Room — in a completely renovated space — showcases what Montserrat is all about and what it means. The exhibition revolves around three main elements: the mountain, the monastery and the sanctuary. Montserrat is displayed in all its complexity and richness thanks to a museum exhibition that deploys various innovative resources and a cutting-edge audiovisual presentation. The end result is that visitors to personally experience the mountain, history, the monastery and the sense of the monastic life.


Located in a space designed by architect Puig i Cadafalch, the Montserrat Museum (MDM) boasts one of the most important art collections in Catalonia. It includes works by Caravaggio, El Greco, Rusiñol, Casas, Picasso, Dalí, Monet, etc., and features a significant collection of archaeological artefacts from the ancient world including archaeological finds from the Middle East (ancient Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Holy Land, etc.). The museum sets up temporary exhibitions in addition to its permanent collections. The MDM was declared Museum of National Interest in 2006.


Take a break at any moment to enjoy a tasting of Montserrat spirits at our Shop.


The lunch can be at the Buffet Montserrat or La Cafeteria.

Meeting point: Montserrat - Tourist Information Office

General: €35.00

Children (8 to 13 years old): €26.00

Children (4 to 8 years old): 17.50


*A deposit of 50 € cash or your credit card details will be required at the moment of collecting the audioguides. Deposit will be returned when you bring the audioguides back.

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