Montserrat’s Monastery’s announcement

Montserrat’s Monastery’s announcement



In accordance with preventive measures taken by the health authorities, the capacity of Montserrat’s Basilica is being reduced to a maximum of 300 persons, which corresponds to a third part of its total capacity. Additionally, various events planned for the coming days have been cancelled.

In the same vein, according to our previous information, guidelines given by the different ecclesiastic authorities about the acts of worship have already been implemented. In particular, the image of Our Lady of Montserrat can be worshipped, yet not touched or kissed. Furthermore, the traditional sign of peace has been suppressed from the Eucharist celebrations, and the Holy Communion is always given in the hand.


All these measures will be in force until further notice from concerned authorities.

As is customary, all liturgical celebrations at Montserrat’s Basilica can be followed live on Montserrat Radio (www.montserratradio.cat) and Montserrat TV (www.montserratcomunicacio.cat).


Our prayers and support are with those who suffer from this illness, and with health professionals that look after them. We wish this situation gets back to normal as soon as possible.