Where to buy

Montserrat has always made it a prime concern to meet all the needs of people arriving here, whether as pilgrims or as visitors to the sanctuary.
In medieval times, after the long and arduous journey, pilgrims would keep vigil with the image of Our Lady for three days and three nights. The monastery welcomed them and provided them with food and products made at the sanctuary workshops.
Today, Montserrat’s shops are the modern equivalent of the old monastery workshops. They sell both basic products and traditional fare: typical Catalan cakes and pastries from the bakery (coques, carquinyolis, ametllats, etc.), liqueurs made from mountain herbs, and pottery, once made by the monks of Montserrat.
Since the earliest times, the adoration inspired by Our Lady of Montserrat has created enormous demand for souvenirs bearing Her image, whether printed, engraved or carved. As in medieval times, prints, engravings, goigs (typical Songs of Joy), carvings, medals, enamels, drawings, etc. continue to be sold here.
The old Montserrat printing press was set up to produce prints, prayers and books in different languages and even now, 500 years later, it continues this work through the publishing company Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat. In these modern times, visitors can also take away the Virolai and other works sung by the Boys’ Choir and the monks, recorded by Discs Abadia de Montserrat.

In keeping with tradition, visitors to the sanctuary will also find a daily market at which people from the villages around Montserrat offer typical products for sale: honey, curds, cheese, fig loaf, etc.

Opening hours of shops

La Botiga (shop) Monday to Friday: from 9 am to 7.45 pm.
Weekend: from 9 am to 7.45 pm.
Interactive Exhibition Monday to Friday: from 9 am to 7.45 pm.
Weekend: from 9 am to 7.45 pm.
Museum of Montserrat Monday to Friday: from 10 am to 6.45 pm.
Weekend: from 10 am to 6.45 pm.
Online store Web: botiga.montserratvisita.com
Information Tel.: +34 93 877 77 77
Mail: informacio@larsa-montserrat.com