A friend is someone who loves you
A friendship is to give everything and expect nothing
To be friends is to be closer
A friend is to walk together

What about you? Do you feel like a Montserrat Friend?
Montserrat Friends (Amics de Montserrat) reflects the spirit of the Abadia de Montserrat Foundation 2025 to firmly promote the spiritual and cultural values at the service of a cohesive society, open to the world, and the creation of protection.
Many people come to Montserrat frequently, and Montserrat Friends can enjoy the Sanctuary and the mountain.

Together with Montserrat
From now we have the possibility to participate with Montserrat monastery, with more advantages than before.
It's time to get closer, to participate such in an interisting project. Let them know. Your relatives and your friends can also be part of this iniciative.

How to become an Amic de Montserrat
Fundació Abadia de Montserrat 2025, and Amics de Montserrat will have a direct and personal contact with every person that gives us confidence. You can enjoy Montserrat with this new card full of advantages.

Help us to grow Amics de Montserrat: https://abadiamontserrat.cat/amics-de-montserrat/