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Various visitor services have been erected to wish everyone a warm welcome, and so that those who wish may take home a nice souvenir of their stay in Montserrat. The funds raised this way are destined to the upkeep of Montserrat, and to collaborate with the numerous community programs the monastery encourages every year.

Montserrat’s shops have their origin in the old monastery bakery, and many of the products you  find here come from this tradition. A clear example of this is the coques and digestive liquors, a good source of strength for hikers and pilgrims who would reach the monastery after a long trip.

On the other hand, devotion towards the Virgin Mary has led, for quite a long time, to the issue of cards and engravings (the monastery of Montserrat has owned a printing press since 1499). Shortly afterwards, visitors were able topurchase medals and rosaries, as a proof of their devotion towards the Holy Image.

The Choir’s CDs and the books of the publishing house Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat,are heirs to two centenary institutions, such are the monastery’s music school and the five-hundred-year-old publishing house. Quite remarkable in their own right, at their shops you will find plenty of their discography and books.

Pottery was another product made here. It used to be spun and painted by the monks themselves. Today, it is no longer produced at the monastery, though the pottery you can find in the shops is still the result of this tradition. It is also possible to find some of the pottery made at Sant Benet Convent, elaborated by Benedictine.

In keeping with tradition, visitors to the sanctuary will also find a daily market at which people from the villages around Montserrat offer typical products for sale: honey, curds, cheese, fig loaf, etc.

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