Montserrat Gastronomy

The association Amics de la Gastronomia del Montserrat (Montserrat Gastronomy Friends) was the result of a private initiative (restaurants located on the surrounding area of Montserrat mountain) as well as by initiative and support from various public administrations, mainly the Montserrat Mountain Trust.
The members of this association share not only the territory, but also the products and ingredients they use at making their dishes. Their main aims are:
- To promote and spread the gastronomy of the Montserrat Mountain surroundings.
- To encourage teamwork among associates and collaboration with other gastronomic agents in this territory.
- To promote those gastronomic products, which are typical or traditional of Montserrat’s area, within the sector’s quality standards.
- To study and investigate new recipes and versions in order to include them in the local gastronomy.
- To promote support and advice among associate members to improve the business management in agreement with the aforementioned aims.
- To collaborate in providing the Montserrat’s gastronomic origin guarantee with prestige among touristic markets and other areas of the sector.
- To encourage and support the initiatives that imply growth, improvement and the dissemination of Montserrat’s Gastronomy.
- To safeguard the quality of the food and beverage establishments which belong to the Montserrat Gastronomy Association.
At present, they are working on the following products: mató (cottage cheese), honey, Montserrat tomato, Vilamaric’s chickpeas, Montserrat’s mountain’s herbs, the Palomar variety of olive oil, Montserrat’s liquors, walnuts, wine, wild boar, cod fish, Ganxet beans, etc.
This is not a complete list of products, but one we expect to grow with the work that is being carried out.
You will find further information at www.gastronomiadelmontserrat.cat.
Practical Information

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