Prevention measures against the spread of Covid-19

Prevention measures against the spread of Covid-19 11-06-2020

Montserrat, as a whole, has been working on the reopening of its premises and facilities during the last months, in accordance with the health authorities’ guidelines in order to observe prevention measures against COVID-19 and ensure a safe visit.



These measures include:

· Reinforcing cleaning and disinfection programmes on indoor and outdoor areas of the sanctuary.

· Limiting numbers on public transportation (Cremallera rack railway and Aeri cable car) and parking spaces.
· Limiting numbers in the Basilica, Throne of the Virgin and various spaces in the premises.
· Protection measures for our staff.
· Signposting the various areas with safety guidelines for visitors, including the capacity for each place. 
· Signposting entrances and exits to ensure our visitors can keep physical distances
· Signposting 1,5 metre (5 ft) distances in places that may get easily crowded
· Face masks are compulsory in public transportation, Basilica and both indoor and outdoor spaces for public use


Visitors are also asked to observe the following measures:

· Keep a 1,5 metre (5 feet) distance from staff and other visitors
· Group guided tours will be held by means of radio guides, while keeping 2 metre distance
· Enhance hand hygiene. Hand sanitisers are available on entry to various areas
· Follow the staff’s guidelines and be aware that there may be a queue to access certain areas
· We strongly recommend to book your free-entry visit in advance, to ensure a safe, peaceful, high quality visit.