'Emotional Geographies' by Josep Guinovart at Sala Daura in Montserrat’s Museum

'Emotional Geographies' by Josep Guinovart at Sala Daura in Montserrat’s Museum


It is made up of an accurate selection of some fifty works by this Barcelonian artist, from Fundació Espai Guinovart d’Agramunt, from Centre d’Obra Gràfica Josep Guinovart, and from other private collections.

Maria Guinovart –the daughter of the artist- and Yolanda Alonso, are the curators of an exhibition with a selection that approaches us to the internal and external journey of one of the most relevant figures of Catalan contemporary art. It will be the first time that Montserrat’s Museum houses an exhibit on Josep Guinovart –which is becoming an anthology, including works that had never been together-.

Emotional Geographies focuses on Guinovart’s journeys, on his look over spaces and towns all over the world, and how certain landscapes left a deep remnant in the artist’s soul. These journeys would even turn the physical paths into emotional paths through which Guinovart walked all his life, visiting and revisiting them years after on his way to ÍtacAgramunt.

The exhibition presented in Montserrat’s Museum aims to be a trip through all the places that marked a turning point in Guinovart’s career. During this journey through the different exhibition rooms, the artist puts out his academicism to get his own language, his own voice, from the first, explicitly figurative paintings in 1940, a starting point of a tour that allows the visitor to see Guinovart’s artistic evolution throughout his life. Agramunt, the Basque Country, Paris… Every step he takes, away from his hometown, gets him close to new geographies, and invites him to try out new materials.