INCOME Tourism Project

INCOME Tourism Project



The INCOME Tourism project aims at developing a new learning approach based on a cooperative learning process joining higher education and tourism businesses applied to soft skills learning to be incorporated in the last year of the Tourism Bachelor. 

Although some efforts can be found in different higher education contexts, there is still the need and potential to bring academia and industry together in a new cooperative learning model to get a curriculum focusing on soft skills and with learning outcomes adapted to the real, evolving and demanding needs of the industry, which is the ultimate purpose of INCOME Tourism. 

The project will contribute to improve the quality and relevance of higher education, key priorities of the EU Agenda for the modernization of Higher Education and Education and Training 2020, based on a long term partnership of academia, business and educational partners from different European countries.

In this project -along three years, from 2018 to 2020)- Montserrat goes with the hand of the University of Girona and also participates univertiies and companies from Portugal, Germany, Holland, Italy, Croatia and Malta.

The first step of the project (2018) is the realization of a deeper investigation in the participating countries. This analysis includes the comparison of the different learning models of the different European universities. At the same time, consultation sessions with students and companies are held. The objective is to identify those personal skills that students and business people consider most relevant to the employability and weight they have in different study plans in order to articulate closer cooperation between institutions and companies which will result in an improvement in these skills.

The second phase (2019) aims to develop the new cooperative learning model supported by the dual system of the University of Ravensburg (Germany). That is why a model will be developed that will be tested during the 2019-20 course.


More information: http://income-tourism-project.eu/