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The new audiovisual room in Montserrat is a completely renovated space which reflects the monastery’s will to respond and offer substance to the thousands of visitors and pilgrims who are interested in learning about Montserrat and its significance. The exhibition is based on three fundamental pillars: mountain, monastery and sanctuary.

Some of its content focuses on aspects as relevant as the presence of the Holy Image from the end of the 12th century, or the singularity of a monastery with more than a thousand years of history, while placing emphasis and relevance on the spiritual, social and cultural life of the country, as evidenced by the publishing house Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat, the Museum, the Escolania (boys choir) and more recently, Montserrat Television.

Montserrat is presented in all its complexity and splendour through an exhibition itinerary which uses different and innovative museographic resources as well as the latest generation of audiovisual elements, helping the visitor achieve a deeper and more intense understanding of the mountain, the history, the monastery and the meaning of monastery life.

The itinerary ends on an emotional note, in which the Escolania plays a key role.

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Adults: 5,50 €
Pensioners and groups: 4,00 €
Children(from 8 to 16 years): 3,00 €


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