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Montserrat, Butlletí del Santuari (Sanctuary newsletter), was established as the successor to a publication under the same name, which was produced from 1927 to 1936.
This present, second period of the newsletter was launched in January 1982 to mark the previous year’s celebration of the Centenary of the Proclamation of Our Lady of Montserrat as the Patron Saint of Catalonia.
The Butlletí del Santuari is imbued with the spirit of the old Brotherhood of Our Lady of Montserrat now refounded as theAssociation of Pilgrims.
This spirit seeks to:
- Unite monks and pilgrims together in communal prayer.
- Foster devotion to Our Lady of Montserrat in a true Christian spirit.
- Encourage people to come to Montserrat as pilgrims, encouraging them to live the Christian life within their families and parishes.
- Inform about life and activities of different kinds at Montserrat: the sanctuary, the monastery, the choir school, art and history, the mountain, etc.
- Nurture a greater sense of responsibility amongst pilgrims, visitors and friends of Montserrat in cooperating with the financial running of the Sanctuary, either directly or through the Montserrat Abbey 2025 Foundation. A superficial view of Montserrat from the outside often obscures understanding of the constant need for funding.

A good way of helping is to subscribe to the sanctuary newsletter. Send your personal details to:
Associació de Pelegrins (Association of Pilgrims)
Santuari de Montserrat

The Butlletí del Santuary is published every four months.

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