Escolania (Boys' Choir)

Montserrat is home to one of the oldest boys’ choirs in Europe. Documents testify to the existence of a religious and music school in Montserrat as far back as the 14th century.
The Escolania now accompanies religious ceremonies and communal prayers in the basilica. All the choir members receive a high standard of musical training, along with human and intellectual education. The choir enjoys international fame and prestige, giving concert performances all over the world, as well as building up a large catalogue of recordings.
Over the course of its history, the school has produced a good number of choirmasters and musicians, as well as well-known composers and teachers. The Escolania also enables some of the monks at Montserrat to work in the field of composing, producing and teaching music.

Selection process and candidate preparation:

- Boys join the Choir School at 4th level of Primary and 5th level if place is available.
- Boys are selected on the basis of the three following points:
* Voice and musical theory
* School performance
* Adaptation and sociability



Boys' choir Times:
From Monday to Friday:
13.00h Salve and Virolai
From Monday to Thursday:
18.45h Vespers, Salve Montserratina and Polyphonic Motet
The Boys' Choir doesn't sing
Sundays and religious holidays:
12.00h Salve and Virolai
18.45h Vespers, Salve Montserratina and Polyphonic Motet

Choir performance times may vary according to special religious celebrations and the school calendar.


The Boys' choir will be on holidays from 13th of July to 19th of August (both included)




Practical Information

Telephone: +34 93 877 77 77
Web: Website of the Escolania
  Website of the Abbey
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