Abat Marcet Apartments - Cel·les

Abat Marcet Apartments - Cel·les
The Abat Marcet Apartments building was constructed in the 1960s according to plans drawn up by Father Pere Busquets. It is dedicated to Marcet, abbot of Montserrat from 1912 to 1946.
The present apartments are modernised versions of the cells where pilgrims were lodged for centuries when the hostel at monastery was full.
Located in Plaça Abat Oliba, guests here are assured an incomparable stay in a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere.

The Abat Marcet Apartments today, then, are fully-equipped, modern apartments designed to provide maximum comfort: bathroom, kitchen, heating, telephone and television. The ideal place to come with family or friends to organise a visit to Montserrat at your own rhythm.

The Abat Marcet building contains 92 apartments for 1, 2, 3 and 4 people, with total accommodation for up to 260 people.

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